Inviting. Engaging. Creative yet sensible. Perhaps a bit tongue in cheek. Even, dare we say, fun.

This is SmartSpot, a different kind of spot for tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, business formation, training development, and more.

Service at SmartSpot is provided by experienced and committed professionals, who believe in working the way that works for you. We help you follow the rules without fitting you into a one-size-fits-nobody mold.

Enrolled Agent

Kathy Burlison

Enrolled Agent

Yes, tax geeks do exist, even if you’ve never met one. Kathy has proudly claimed the tax geek label for 29 tax seasons. It’s embarrassing – she’ll analyze and explain the tax consequences of even the strangest situations. And she’s completely serious about it. Or is that the start of a grin? (She’s does good training, documentation, and business consulting, too.)


Eileen Brewer

Enrolled Agent

Can you say “nonstop tax excitement?” There may be few better ways to describe Eileen. With 28 tax seasons under her belt, this former child tax prodigy marries clear explanations with fun, empathy, and a sassy no-nonsense approach to a full wide range of services.


Steve Reu

Registered Tax Return Preparer

Steve hides his sly sense of humor behind a quiet and modest demeanor. He’s smart and has a wicked attention to detail. We find him charming and think you will as well.


Colleen Kelly


Colleen finds taxes fascinating and terrifying, so she focuses on keeping things running smoothly at SmartSpot by performing all supportive roles smartly!

Cheryl Wenz


Does a love for spreadsheets make her a “spreadgeek?” Cheryl brings common-sense and a keen numbers-sense to tax preparation and related services.