SmartSpot’s tagline – a gathering of business smarts – indicates the philosophy of how and what the services offered include. We hope to be a virtual one-stop shop for what a client may need to make smart personal financial decisions or to run a business.

Tax Preparation

We prepare tax returns of all shapes and sizes:

  • Individuals – tax preparation for anyone from a small W-2 to the million dollar investor, farms to foreign income.
  • Businesses – tax preparation for sole proprietorships, partnerships, S-Corporations, and C-Corporations from the small Avon sales rep to the million dollar business.
  • Non-profits – tax preparation for small non-profits. Note: Many non-profits require an actual audit of the books and we are not able to provide that service.


Planning around all sorts of the expected and surprising life events is offered.

  • Tax Planning – planning during tax preparation, at year-end, or whenever a life event necessitates a change is offered. It can be once a year or once a month we want our clients to be confident that they understand their situation. Life events that may need planning:
    • New Child
    • Marriage, Divorce, or change in significant other
    • Promotion
    • Someone starting college
    • Death of a loved one
    • Retirement
    • Illness
    • New home or move
  • Benefits Planning – what medical plan should I choose, to 125 or not – these questions have answers based in numbers and that’s where we can help.
  • Job Changes – switching jobs by choice or not, there are many decisions that are based in numbers and as mentioned above that is where we can help.

Business Formation Consultation

Choosing the right form of business for the client’s situation and vision is a complex issue. We can help narrow the choice to what makes sense, explain the pros and cons, and help explain the numbers around each option.

Business Operation Consultation

The business is running, but is it running well? Talking to the owner(s) and assessing where things are at – we can then help with suggestions to get things heading in the right direction.


We offer bookkeeping in whatever form fits the client:

Do-it for them – they give us everything: bank statements, credit cards, expense reports and invoices and we complete the entire bookkeeping process. The client determines how frequently this happens – monthly, quarterly, yearly.

Just do the hard parts – whether it’s bank reconciliations, asset entries, or something else that causes heartburn and angst, we’ll do just that task.

Review – Periodically assess bookkeeping entries for accuracy and completeness.

Fix the broken parts – whether things have gone slightly askew or entirely haywire, we can make recommendations to get things back on track (and do the work if needed).

Sales tax


Payroll for employers of 1 to 50. Our service includes direct deposit for employees, electronic payment of all taxes (if available), electronic filing of all payroll tax returns (if available) including W-2s.